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Love Among the Penguins

A heart-warming feel-good comedy drama about the search for love, acceptance, and penguins.

Penguins, like you and me, can’t tell the difference between other male and female penguins. During the annual mating season, this quirk leads Kev [the penguin] to couple up with Miguel [the penguin], a fellow male. Kev soon realises the circumstance but decides it is better, and easier, if he keeps up the facade.

The play follows Kev and Miguel’s story, through the lens of a documentary filmmaking team who created the smash hit 'Love Among The Penguins'.

The play received a "commendation" from the National Student Drama Festival

"moving, funny, and clever" - Razz Magazine

"I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and laughed some more" - Josie Farmer (public review)

Check out Theatre With Teeth's production HERE

The Outciders

Co-Written with Jasper Frost for Theatre With Teeth

Set in the wild wild west-country, aspiring cider-maker Strongbow buys an orchard in Aspall valley. However, she discovers one day that her apples have been stolen.

Strongbow set's out in search of the famous cider-maker Old Mout, whose invisible horse Somersby has gone missing in hope of guidance.

Directed by Holly Williams

Love is an Open Door: Adoorable

Co-Written with Jasper Frost for Theatre With Teeth

A door is starting his first day at a human high school. Naturally he is nervous because he is a door. However Nigel (the door) learns to overcome his worries, bullies, his sexuality in a hilarious romp. 

Featuring the original song 'Adoorable'.

Directed by Reece Fitzgerald.


Sink/Stay charts the tale of a two strangers who meet on the roof of a building after their town has been flooded. The tale is juxtaposed with the adventures of a young girl narrating from a bathtub.

Created for Theatre With Teeth and the Exeter University Theatre Company as part of their Re/Play initiative.

Directed by Ben Mallett.

Southern Belle & The Devil Girl

Annabelle is about to turn 21, and is waiting to "become a real woman". Her friend Jenny visits from England with the plan of having a massive 21st party. Annabelle's parents are super conservative who believe Jenny is the Devil incarnate, corrupting their daughter. They impersonate cattle, perform an exorcism and do what they can to stop Jenny's 'evil' ways.

Directed by Natalie Bird for Theatre With Teeth.



Co-written and directed by Alex Stenhouse & Jasper Frost (Adoorable productions)

Alex and Jasper first met at a sketch writing group... a year later they wrote a play about a gay door, and then another about an invisible horse. With Hnnnngggdaddy they're back with a vengeance, finally creating their own comedy sketch show.

Writers of 'The Outciders' and 'Love is an Open Door: Adoorable', Alex Stenhouse and Jasper Frost (known as Adoorable productions in homage to their first play), created an inital 40 minute sketch comedy show, inspired by Bo Burnham, The Mighty Boosh, Monty Python, TomSka and Aunty Donna.

The show featured sketches around the theme of fatherhood and riffed on life's small difficulties.The show culminated in a sketch about bees, and helped raise money for Friends of the Earth, a charity helping to save the bees - an important issue in the piece.

The Exeter show cast:
Kat Child, Patrick Swain, Stuart Duncan, Sarah Dean, and Sam Nicholls

*Hnnnngggdaddy is currently being re-developed and expanded into a new touring sketch show* Stay tuned for more information


SKETCHUP - Exeter Revue

Alex Stenhouse & Jasper Frost contributed various sketches for the Exeter Revue's sketch-show SKETCHUP.

SKETCHUP was performed in both Exeter and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The duo view this as the start of their wondrous writing partnership


I was also on committee for the Exeter Revue, as their 'Head of Banter'.

Currently I am studying Improv at the Bristol Improv Theatre with Kitchen Rules Theatre and the Unscripted Players



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