The Comedy of Errors

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Alex Stenhouse & Tobias Grace.

As the play revolves around the trading of goods, and take place in domestic spaces, we explored using household objects, junk, and food to heighten the comedy. Through food fights, drawing on white-boards, and a bonkers physical opening sequence, we hoped to create an accessible and hilarious show.


Antipholus of Syracuse - Will Jarvis
Antipholus of Ephesus - Ben Mallett
Dromio of Syracuse - Ceinwen Ripley
Dromio of Ephesus - Anastasia Bunce
Adriana - Anna Blackburn
Luciana - Laura Jackson
Egeon - George Fincher
Abbess - Olivia Harvey
Angelo - Callum Newens
Balthazar - Matt Farley
Courtesan - Hannah Clancy
Duke - Alfie Davies


Directors - Alex Stenhouse and Tobias Grace
Producer - Darcy Keeble Watson
Production Supervisor - Emily Millwood
Tech - Reece Fitzgerald & Jack Page

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