Short Plays 

'The Trees of Nature' by Nicolas Ridley    (Love Shots - Canal Cafe Theatre)

Simon & Daisy, Daisy & Simon. Memories – soft and sharp – of an incomplete relationship that might have been or should have been but never really was. First job. First love. First heartbreak. Seeing things differently. Seeing things clearly. Moving on. Moving away. Leaving so little behind: a sweet voice singing, a sickly poem in Dryden’s pub, twenty frozen minutes while a pelican slowly swallows a pigeon in St James’s Park

Directed by Alex Stenhouse
CAST: Simon - Eoin McAndrew,  Daisy - Niamh Gormley

'The One' by Lindsey Rost     (Dispatches Scratch Night - OSO Arts Centre)

Chris is lonely, and so hires a stalker to fix this. However Chris is very bad at being stalked...
A 10 minute short play.

Directed by Alex Stenhouse
CAST: Chris - Joseph Thomas,   Patti - Annie Hammond,   Anna - Abbey Gardner

Work in Progress

'Conversations' by Will Jarvis     (Dispatches Scratch Night - OSO Arts Centre)

Set in an apartment above a jazz bar, Conversations follows Nathan and Riley as they come to terms with where they fit into the world as failing artists an how to find a supportive community and purpose in the chaos of contemporary London.

Directed by Alex Stenhouse
CAST: Nathan - Jacob Robson,   Riley - Alice McGregor,   Josh - Elliot Hall

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