Poster Design by Harry Bowley for Noises Off
James Vincent Bowen playing Selsdon who himself plays the burglar.
Alice Palmer as Dotty playing Mrs Crackett, carrying a mop and bucket.
Niamh Smith as Poppy, wrapped up in a white sheet pretending to be the Sheik


Written by Michael Frayn. 
Directed by Alex Stenhouse

Regarded as one of the funniest plays of all time, Noises Off is a comedy within a comedy. The three acts chart the cast and crew's own hilarious struggles in staging a overly complicated farce.
The production was produced by EUTCo.


Freddie - George Fincher
Lloyd - Jack Tacchi
Selsdon - James Vincent Bowen
Tim - Isaiah Stavchansky
Dotty - Alice Palmer
Belinda - Phoebe Newlan
Brooke - Antonie Whillans
Poppy - Niamh Smith
Garry - James Hawley

Production Team:

Director - Alex Stenhouse

Producer - Charlie Smee
Assistant Producer - Lydia Holroyd
Stage Manager - Olly Martin
Deputy Stage Manager - Hannah Earey
Assistant Stage Manager - Connie Adams
Publicity Manager - Hector Mason
Publicity Designer & Photographer - Harry Bowley
Production Supervisor - Erin Blackmore

The backstage set of the play - various doors and platforms.
Publicity photo Antonia Whillans - Hair blowing in different directions.
Jake Tacchi as director Lloyd
James Hawley Publicty photo
George Fincher as Freddie making an entrance
Isaish Stavchansky as Tim with many bunches of flowers.
Alex Stenhouse publicity photo.
Antonia Whillans as Brooke with a broken arm.
Jake Tacchi Publicty photo with fake moustache
Dotty (Alice Palmer) chats to Freddie (George Fincher)
Stage Manager Olly Martin publicity photo
Phoebe Newlan who plays Belinda.
The set from the front of the stage - many doors and a sofa
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