The main penguin couple, Kev and Miguel. Two young men wearing fluffy cardigans.
The four filmmakers of Love Among the Penguins, Connie, Claw, Chester and Ingrid.
A waddle of actors playing the penguins.


Written and Directed by ALEX STENHOUSE

A heart-warming feel-good comedy drama about the search for love, acceptance, and penguins.

Penguins, like you and me, can’t tell the difference between other male and female penguins. During the annual mating season, this quirk leads Kev [the penguin] to couple up with Miguel [the penguin], a fellow male. Kev soon realises the circumstance but decides it is better, and easier, if he keeps up the facade.

The play follows Kev and Miguel’s story, through the lens of a documentary filmmaking team who created the smash hit 'Love Among The Penguins'.

The show featured live score composed by Alex Rafael Rose.


Hanna Gardner, Harry Neal, Patrick Swain, Connie Eldon McCaig, Will Pinhey, Ludo Graham, Sarah Dean, Claudia Bruce, Fred Varley


Director - Alex Stenhouse [as Alex Thomas]
Artistic Director of TWT – Rosie Thomas
Assistant AD of TWT – Simon Marshall
Producer – Beth King
Assistant Director – Tamsin Keeley
Stage Manager - Oliver Martin
ASM/ Choreographer - Hannah Simonds
Musical Director - Alex Rafael Rose
Production Supervisor – Paige Evans
Publicity - Tom Skitt
Photographer - Harry Bowley 

The Trailer

Kev, Miguel, and the Narrator watching a movie.
Silhouette of Kev and Miguel with fairy lights.
Best friends Meggie and Willis.
Miguel singing into a microphone.
The set design, created by Olly Martin.
Poster for Love Among the Penguins by Alex Stenhouse. Blue and purple stars with white silhouette of two penguins holding hands.

The play received a commendation from the National Student Drama Festival (NSDF)


"...attentive and successful direction..." "moving, funny, and clever" - Razz Magazine


"Definitely one of the best shows I've seen in Exeter, ever." - Divna Jankovic

"I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and laughed some more" - Josie Farmer

"What a heart-warming, hilarious, talented show!" - Bethia Atkinson

"Without a doubt the strongest opening night I've ever seen in Exeter" - Jasper Frost

"...this is amazing" - Eilidh Walker

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Kev bathed in purple light.
Ingrid using a boom mic to record sound.
One of the penguins, Ricardo
Sabrina and Ricardo penguins perform a mating dance.
Connie, the director of the film within the play.
The waddle of penguins on a long march across the antarctic.
Ingrid with her boom mic.
Kev the penguin playing the ukuele to a crowd, in order to win over Miguel
Chester the filmmaker, with a huge camera.
The waddle of penguins struggling through a blizzard
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