Junodream - Terrible Things That Could Happen

Alex Stenhouse filmed behind the scenes footage from this music video shoot, as well as some set decorating and running for the video itself. 

Major credit however goes to the names below.

Directed by Ned Botwood

Director of Photography: Jon Muschamp
Gaffer: Bethany Fitter
Electrician: Ella Taylor
1st Camera Assistant: Petra Lewis
2nd Camera Assistant: Holly Isherwood
Wardrobe Stylist: Sofia Lazzari
Jewellery: Isabel Distassi
Assistant Director: Owain Astles
Production Assistant: Mariana Seygas
Runners: Jamie Holloway and Isabella Stern
Film Services: Cinelab London
Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ ETC
Editor: Ned Botwood



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