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clockwise from top left: Patrick Swain, Sam Nicholls, Stuart Duncan, Kat Child, Sarah Dean


HNNNNGGGDADDY - a sketch show

co-written and directed by Alex Stenhouse & Jasper Frost
(Adoorable Productions)

Alex and Jasper first met at a sketch writing group... a year later they wrote a play about a gay door, and then another about an invisible horse. Now they're back with a vengeance, with their own comedy sketch show.

Writers of 'The Outciders' and 'Love is an Open Door: Adoorable', Alex Stenhouse and Jasper Frost (known as Adoorable productions in homage to their first play), proceeded to create a 40 minute sketch comedy show, inspired by Bo Burnham, The Mighty Boosh, Monty Python, TomSka and Aunty Donna.

The show featured sketches around the theme of fatherhood and riffed on life's small difficulties.
The show culminated in a sketch about bees, and helped raise money for Friends of the Earth, a charity helping to save the bees - an important issue in the piece.

The Exeter show cast:

Kat Child, Patrick Swain, Stuart Duncan, Sarah Dean, and Sam Nicholls

*Hnnnngggdaddy is currently being re-developed and expanded into a new touring sketch show* 

Jasper Frost & Alex Stenhouse

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