Avenue Q

Music & Lyrics by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx
Directed by Rosemary Thomas
Assistant Directed by Alex Stenhouse

Princeton has just graduated from college, and suddenly finds himself thrown into the real world. Step one, find a place to live – a shabby apartment way way out in Avenue Q, New York. Step two, meet the neighbours – Kate the girl next door and kindergarten teacher, recently laid off aspiring comedian Brian, Republican banker Rod and Nicky his slacky roommate are just a few of the colourful characters Princeton meets on his way to adulthood. Step three, find a purpose in life.

Dubbed as Sesame Street for grownups with a talented cast of both felt and flesh, join us as we find out what the internet’s good for, how everyone deep down is actually a little bit racist and why adopting a ‘for now’ attitude may be the best way to get us all through life!

Kate Monster: Hannah Bloom
Princeton: Harry Neal
Brian: Reece Fitzgerald
Rod: Fergus Church
Nicky: Pete Broughton
Lucy: Alice Kenny
Trekkie Monster: Jasper Frost
Christmas Eve: Stephanie Fongheiser
Gary Coleman: Kerenza Killingbeck
Newcomer/Bad Idea Bear/Nicky Arm: Tom Skitt
Mrs T/ Bad Idea Bear/Trekkie Arm: Ella Nokes

Keys: Beth King
Guitar/Banjo: Julien Morrall
Clarinet/Sax: Ruby Kessel
Flute: Shona Eustace
Bass Guitar: Theodore Stone
Percussion: Abi Elliston

Director: Rosemary Thomas
Assistant Director: Alex Stenhouse [listed Alex Thomas]
Musical Director: Andrew Bastiman
Vocal Coach: Bethan Jones
Assistant Producer: Tom Flynn
Assistant Stage Managers: Emily Giles, Julia Naud
Costume & Puppet Coordinator: Monique Habes
Sound Designer: Harry Barnes
Publicity Designer: Georgie Bolam
Events Assistant: Siobhan McAuley
Conductor/Keys: Andrew Bastiman
Director: Rosie Thomas
Choreographer: Lara Lawman
Producer: Jack Dryden
Stage Manager: Abi Setchfeild
Technical Manager: Jacob Blackburn
Publicity & Events Team Manager: Madeleine Sidi


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