Currently Alex is the Art Director of a TV Pilot 'Art in the Blood', currently in production.

A TV miniseries depicting the student days of Sherlock Holmes, and the events that led him to become the Great Detective.

It's 2016, and Sherlock's life is balanced on a knife edge of chaos. Enrolled at the University of Bristol as a student of chemistry, Sherlock appears destined for tragedy. His one friend, Victor Trevor, watches helplessly on as Sherlock continues to slide into an uncontrollable spiral of self-destruction whilst Holmes himself, enslaved to his many vices and the impenetrable mystery of his past, struggles to find his purpose in a world seemingly incompatible with his strange mind...

That is until the pair are thrust into a complex and terrible chain of events, one which threatens to pull them into a dark underworld of lies, murder and betrayal. As the mysteries pile up and the stakes climb ever higher, Holmes must face terrors beyond all imagining if he is to emerge victorious. But even as he struggles to survive, a horrifying new enemy lies in wait for him. A spider whose web of intrigue and cruelty threatens to destroy all that he holds dear...

Directed by Ned Botwood, 

Written by Alex Defert

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